Home-School Organization Part 1- Mapping Out Your Home-School Year In Your Bullet Journal

mapping out you homeschool year in your bullet journal

Hello! It’s time! Time for my little family to start getting ready for our home-school year! “Officially” it is my first time mapping and planning an entire home-school year, but I am totally excited about it non the less! My little hellions are excited for this year as well! Aerianna will be going into “1st […]

PTLDoodles- Saturday Morning Cartoons 90’s Edition

ptldoodles august

Hey! So, July’s turnout for PTLDoodles was amazing! There were so many wonderful artists that shared their doodle-a-day photos and I am just absolutely thrilled! Even my dear husband, Scott, joined in! It was this drawing that sparked some inspiration in me for August’s doodle challenge. Can you say “I love the 90’s…Saturday Morning Cartoons!” […]