2017 Motivational Book Reading List

January 4, 2017 5 Comments

Happy 2017!

So about this time last year I posted a Reading list for the year (2016). It was for motivational books that I planned on reading throughout the year and I loved having that list to look back on and remember what I planned to read. So, I decided to create another list for this year!

I am hoping to read at least one of these books every month. Withe the miracle morning routine, this should be a very reachable goal! I have really enjoyed reading the books from last year’s list and so I am going to stick with the world of personal growth. If you are interested in more adventurous and novel based book lists head over to The Hadhr Book Club ( a Facebook group for discussions ), here is the list for Dec / Jan too!

The list of books that I have for this year is a list that I have been collecting for a little while now. Some were recommended to me by readers, some are from Kara’s ( Boho Berry ) collection of to-read/read books and some I just happened upon randomly. B. T. Dubs, if you have an epic must-read personal growth book that you would just love to recommend, shoot me an email! I am slightly obsessed with collecting books <3

Okay! Books 1&2

To start off this list are some books by an author that you probably recognize right off the bat, The Dalai Lama. I have always wanted to read one of his books, so now I am going to read two!

Book #3

This is a book that I stumbled upon and immediately wanted to read because I struggle heavily with not feeling adequate, “perfect” or good enough more times than not and this has been something that holds me back from doing a lot of things, especially in business.

Book #4

Every creative mind can suffer from a bit of fear. This book is specifically for getting past that and being awesome, and I definitely need some of that in my life, what about you?

Book #5

This book is about art as well, at least an art form, and one that I would personally love to master! I think that a lot of people could benefit from this, hahaha, Ammiright?

Book #6

I have seen this book around and with my shop up and running now, I  really want to get my hands on it!

Books 7 & 8

With all of the things that us moms go through in our lives, whether it is cleaning, cooking, working, teaching, and basically everything that we can for the people around us we forget about the things that we want to do. Putting our stuff on hold until later, and sometimes forgetting about ourselves completely.  For me, I would really like to implement more good habits into my day as a mother, so these next books seemed just right for the job.

Books 9, 10 & 11

Okay, while these next books may not be as popular as the others, I really enjoy reading up on the vegan lifestyle and not only do these types of books provide a lot of information, they help keep me motivated to stay on track. This is a personal choice and I do not make judgements on people for eating the way that they do, I just personally needed to change the way that I lived because of my health. All that being said, even if you don’t follow an all out plant-based diet, it is always a really healthy choice to include more of those meals into the day!

Book 12

This last book was highly recommended to me by a close friend, and I definitely wanted to add it to the list of must reads this year! Because, hey, we need to know that somebody has our back sometimes.

Alright! I hope that you find these books useful on your journey through 2017! Please Email me if you have any suggestions and make sure you sign up for the PTL Newsletter for updates and freebies!

Have a wonderful day!





I am Kacheri, Wife and homeschooling mom of three. An Artist, a bullet journal lover, in love with adventure and nature. The ocean, camping and the moon are my zen.


  1. Heather

    January 5, 2017

    This is an excellent list that shows real balance in the different areas of personal development. Thanks for the suggestions and the thought you put into this post.

    • passionthemedlife@yahoo.com

      January 7, 2017

      Of course! Have you read any of them Heather?

  2. Andrea

    January 15, 2017

    I would really recommend The Thug Kitchen for vegan recipe book. Extremely simple, fool-proof recipes. The book is hilarious, I would usually just read it if I want a good laugh.

    Love these book suggestions. Will definitely include them to my book collections

    • passionthemedlife@yahoo.com

      January 16, 2017

      Thank you I will put that on my list too! I have read a few cookbooks that are just so funny! I think it is called ” the sexy vegan” or something. Written by a dude and the recipes are amazing too!

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