How To Live More Passionately

January 18, 2017 3 Comments

Have you  ever been scrolling through your social media and seen something that you reeeeealy wanted to do, or somebody living the way that you want to live? Have you ever done anything about it, or do you just go about your day thinking that dreams like that are unreachable for you?

A lot of people take that ache in their heart, that is begging them for something more, and fill it with things, comfort zones and routine. Thinking maybe that they will fill up the space of their un-reached dreams and passions and somehow make them feel more accomplished. The truth is though, there is no band-aid. The only thing that you can do is to start living each day more passionately and move towards your dreams ever second that you can.

I am going to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, I was doing nothing with myself. I had dreams of adventure and living freely with my family but it all seemed impossible and very unlikely that we would ever do those things. I continued going about my life for a few years, staying home with my children and working a few different jobs here and there. Trying to go about living a life that I didn’t really want to live and it just wasn’t working, so finally I decided to do something about my unhappiness and started looking up everything that I could to change my life into what I wanted it to be.

First, I thought “hey, I love craft, so I will open an Etsy shop for all my crocheted goodies.” (P.S. this lasted about four months with zero sales before I pressed the big red button and shut it down!) And I also really wanted to start a blog, so after numerous hours on Pinterest trying to figure out what the heck to do, I kinda settled on a topic area, or niche. Believe it or not, this is not my first blog… Yup, I had a vegan foodie blog first. The thing is though I had no idea what I was doingz so I shut it down shortly after launch day because of a fear of failure and not being good enough, plus, there were seriously so many good vegan blogs out there that I felt super small fry ( ahem, pun so intended ).

I then stumbled upon the planning community, completely by accident, and felt like I found my long lost tribe. Seriously, I have always been a planner, but I didn’t know it was a “thing”, you know? Uh… love at first planner. I then thought, “hey girl, this is yo jam. Just blog about pen and paper!” And I did. There was also a lot of friendships made along the way, and I never once thought that I would make friends online! Instagram became my biggest tool and my life has been slowly changing ever since.

I still have little ways to go to reach the goals that I set for myself in the beginning, but man oh man I am sooooo much closer then I was! And, bonus points, I am living a much happier life with the good ole family because all of us are working toward something better.

I told you all that because I believe there are some key elements in day-to-day living that can help you live each day more passionately and get you closer to your dream life. From my experience, there are a TON of differences in how to go about each one, but that is to be decided throughout each individual.


1 | Purpose

To start, you need to first find out what you want your purpose in this life to be. what your dreams are, how it and you can serve others on this world and why it is so important to you. You need to dig deep, you shouldn’t start with money or other superficial things, but what really drives you, what makes your stomach jump and soul sing. Traveling the world and teaching my children through experience was what I found mine to be. Even saying those words brings happiness to me. It may take some soul searching to really discover what you believe your purpose is, but I really don’t think a long desert walk is necessary. Unless of course you would prefer it that way.

2 | Understanding

You will need to master a deep understanding of yourself. Understand and accept yourself as imperfect and flawed, this is not a negativity it is human. Understand your true capabilities, test the limits of what you can do now while also knowing that if you fail now it does not mean you will fail forever, keep trying. Understand what it will take for you to reach your goals, purpose and dream life, know that it will be hard but worth it all in the end. This is the hardest step, I can’t tell you how many times I have been discouraged, or how many times I have failed at something and not understood why.

Understand that everything in this world is impermanent.

3 | Be Authentic

You get one life. One very short life, that will fly by you if you are not careful. Why, just why would you ever want to spend it lying to yourself and others about who you are. Why pretend to be something you are not? Why live a double life? If you want to drink wine, then drink wine. If you enjoy cartoons, then enjoy cartoons no matter your age. Let the world know you’re here, let the world know who you are, what you like and what kind of person you are. It is an insult to yourself to be anything else. And besides, in all reality who freakin’ cares? For one, living two lives will be the most exhausting thing you will ever do, not to mention it is completely pointless. *off my soap box*

4 | Intention

Each day and task may seem mundane to you while you are just going through the motions, but if done with intention each will bring you closer to your goals and help you live more passionately. Live each day with intention.

5 | Learn

Nobody knows everything, that is just life. But never let that be an excuse for you not to learn, our brains don’t just stop being sponges because we pass puberty, most of the time we just choose to stop soaking them. There is always something to be learned, even if you have been doing it for 20 plus years. When you feel like there is nothing left to learn about something, a career for instance, then you have probably lost your spark and you shouldn’t do it anymore.

I once applied to a coffee shop, for a barista position. Two weeks went by and they never called me, so I called them, they kindly replied that they chose not to hire me because I had previous experience as a barista. Completely confused, I asked why having previous experience made such a difference. Like, normally it is completely opposite of that, right? They said that they will only hire people “fresh” in the industry because when somebody is already trained they come in with their own opinions about how coffee should be made and they wanted to make sure that they taught everybody how they wanted on a fresh slate.

While this thoroughly pissed me off at the time, I have come to understand their reasoning. To go into a job a bit jaded on the industry will leave you with less of a spark for it, in turn leaving you a bit unwilling to learn a new way of doing something. Always be willing to learn, even if you have done it for years.

6 | Connect

Finding your peeps is the best feeling in the world. They don’t have to be people that you talk to everyday or see all the time. Your community, peeps, tribe, group, or whatever you want to call it will be people that share the same interests, passions and sometimes even goals and dreams. If I didn’t ever come across the planner and bullet journal community I would have never made this blog, and never have launched my Etsy shop, or really learned about certain self-help books that have motivated me to accomplish so much more then I originally set out to do. Your people will inspire you, motivate you, and keep you going on the days that your goals seem ominous. Whether you are a traveler, planner, journal lover, artist, home-school your children or live in a tiny home there are people out there to make friends with!

Honestly, I never thought I would be the “friends online” type, but some of the best people I know, I have never met in person.

If you can incorporate these things and a good, positive mind set into your life, you will live a more passionate life. Work each day for something more, something that you want. Never go a day living to die without actually living.

Have a beautiful day!

I am Kacheri, Wife and homeschooling mom of three. An Artist, a bullet journal lover, in love with adventure and nature. The ocean, camping and the moon are my zen.


  1. hmshoberg

    January 19, 2017

    Really great post and so perfectly timed (for me anyway). It’s hard when you feel stuck in terms of what you want to actually be doing and even sometimes figuring out what you are most passionate about and even how to possibly be able to do it on a daily basis. Really great tips!


      January 21, 2017

      I am so glad to help! It is hard to figure out what you are most truly passionate about, but even if you don’t know right off the bat it is ok because once you start paying attention and loving life a bit more you will find it! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Pau

    April 19, 2017

    This post speaks to me on a personal level. I’ve been hopping around the blogosphere for years without a specific destination / purpose, and I’ve also found solace in a planner group! Like you, my blog’s a passion project, too. ☆

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