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February 13, 2017 Comments Off on Hadhr Book Club | February & March

Hello, hello!

Half way through February and we are ready to release the next reading list for the Hadhr book club! Our small little reading club is slowly growing and it is wonderful 🙂 Have you joined yet?

To keep this intro short and sweet, so I can pass the mic to ma mère for all the fun stuff, I would just like to say a thank you to all of you that have kept an interest in our little book club and kept it alive!

Welcome back to book club! February is the month of love, or so they say 😉 But most of us here at book club, at least myself, are not the typically romantic types, however I do enjoy a good love story. You could say bloody romantic, you know, demented, romantic horror, tragic love. All that actual gushy stuff that most would question your sanity for enjoying.

On that note, I have found five books that should satisfy those of us that enjoy some horror in our love stories. But, before I let you dive into the naughty bits, let’s get a history lesson on the popular Valentines Day.  What is not usual common knowledge about our most romantic holiday is it is linked to an ancient Roman festival called The Feast Of Lupercalla, which, like many of our most popular holidays celebrated today, is a pagan one.

The fertility ritual was held between the thirteenth and fifteenth of February and consisted of men killing a goat and a dog and skinning them, making whips from the skin to then whip the women in the town square. And yes ladies, the women happily volunteered for this public show. Take that Fifty Shades…

The Catholic church then, of course, converted the feast into a christian holiday after Emperor Claudius II killed two men on February fourteenth, on different years during the third century… Both of whom were coincidentally named Valentine. Though, nobody  truly knows for sure how that went down.

Alright enough of the history lesson, I want to talk about love, romance, and love gone bad… very bad… like boil your bunny bad, well, actually not that bad… let’s take a step back. *whew* I got carried away… Let’s just talk books, yeah? There were so many books to choose from this cateGORY that I really couldn’t keep the list short, which is why this is going into March as well, trust me, you won’t mind a bit!

Kicking off our list is Dark Lover By JR Ward

This is the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and oh my goodness ladies, if Vampires, monsters, sex, love and big… BIG men are your bag, this book series might just trump all others for you. There is a very unique twist on the vampire legend, and no… it ain’t sparkles. Has tons of mystery, sex, and big BIG men. *ahem* It is also very interesting to live in the world that Ward creates in this series of novels, go ahead, take a peek…

Next up is A Kiss of Shadows By Laurell K. Hamilton

This is one of my daughters favorites, and is also the first book in a very long series of books. A love story of a Fey ( the cool way to say fairy ) princess that is trying to escape her crazy royal family. She gets sucked in anyways and takes on… yes, literally… several Celtic gods, of muscle, sexiness and different abilities. Aside from the obvious, this book has tons of accuracy and detail about the ancient fairy realms and traditions, giving you a unique insight into the old world.

Alastair Gunn

The Advent Killer

My Bloody Valentine

These were a must have for this list, not only are they completely excellent but how could you leave out ” My Bloody Valentine” from a Valentines book list? This is a series of books about a DCI ( detective ) chasing bad guys, classic.

Last on our list is Evil Eye: Four Novellas Of Love Gone Wrong By Joyce Carol

These are four amazingly disturbing stories of chilling love and suspense, a must read for all of us!

Enjoy these novels, trust us ( my daughter and I ), they are all completely multi-read worthy stories!  Don’t forget to head over and join the Hadhr Book Club and create fun conversations about the book you are reading! Have a wonderful and bloody happy ending!


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