Bullet Journal Update | March 2017

March 7, 2017 3 Comments


How is your March going? Are you excited for spring to get here? Because I tell you what! I am 🙂

This last month has been full of a new adventure for my family, we have successfully moved out of our apartment and bought a small RV to get started with our tiny living. It is very exciting and a little crazy, but it is all for the simple life so I think the crazy is worth it.

Any who,  more on that later! ( I have a fun little post planned <3 )

Today, I want to share some pretty photos of my bullet journal with you! So here is a walk-through of my set up for March.  It is still simple and there are a lot of the same elements as January and February but I found something nice and I’m sticking with it! At least for now, it is usually about the time I say stuff like that, that I end up changing my mind about it. Hahaha, the struggle is real.

To say goodbye to one month and hello to another I added a nice little spread with some pretty doodles.

Here is my third month of using this same monthly set-up and I still love it 🙂 The simplicity of the monthly log along with a tasks list. The only thing that is different is that I added a “things I bought” section, because of getting into the RV we need some new things to modify, decorate and create adequate storage for everything. Hahaha, buying stuff to simplify stuff, I swear there is a joke in there somewhere…

Ahhhh, My schedule, I re-do this every month because my schedule changes a bit and I like to see the updated version. This is probably one of my most favorite pages in my bullet journal <3

Trackers are a great way to, well, track. I have done a pretty good job at keeping up with my bullet journal tracker so I drew one in for March as well. The thing is, right after I lost my phone in Las Vegas, and had to get a new one I stumbled upon an app that I actually like that tracks habits and I am going to log it in my bujo this month as well as in the “Habit Dots” app on my phone and see which one I like better. So this may be my last tracker spread for a while, pretty though!

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm….. Ok, so I may have lied earlier, my favorite spreads are these next two! Monthly Memories and The Sunburst Gratitude Log inspired by @heartistic.jess on Instagram. They look so beautiful and fun while I fill them in and after the month is over! <3

This spread is new, I love it, and it is for Blogging and YouTube, because I am filming again and ( *ahem* ) am currently uploading a new video to my channel…as…we…speak…. Reviewing some notebooks for bullet journaling! But anyways, this spread is an attempt to keep my brain organized for business during midterms! (next week.. ugh…)

PTLDoodles spread <3 I had a bit of fun with this months doodle area, and I am super excited to fill it in!

And the Plan With Me Challenge hosted by Kara ( Boho Berry ) Kim ( Tiny Ray Of Sunshine ) and Jess ( Pretty Prints And Paper ) over on Instagram. Funny story, this is actually the challenge that got me into bullet journaling in the first place and I haven’t participated in quite some time, so I decided to try it out this month again and meet some new people <3

That is all for my monthly set up this time around! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Supplies Used:

Leuchtturm1917 Lemon Yellow Medium Dot Grid Journal

Midliner Highlighters

Pilot g2 0.38

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I am Kacheri, Wife and homeschooling mom of three. An Artist, a bullet journal lover, in love with adventure and nature. The ocean, camping and the moon are my zen.


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