Hadhr Book Club | April 2017

April 11, 2017 Comments Off on Hadhr Book Club | April 2017

Hello April!

I hope this month’s posting finds all of you, our dark and twisted readers are flourishing in all of their endeavors. We have been very, very busy here with moving, downsizing, and decluttering. During all of this we decided to make some much needed changes to the Book Club, starting with the list. I have tried to have a wide variety of books in the past months so that people have the options of what to read, However, our conversations have been small over on the Facebook group have dwindled so I have decided one book per month is going to work better with everyone’s schedule.

I also thought that it would be wonderful to have a discussion group for each book once or twice a month to keep things alive 🙂 I am also choosing books from recommendations of close friends instead of books that I have read previously, that way we can learn and discover together. I came up with several and am very excited to dive in and devour these books.

Now that all that has been talked about, our April book…DRUM ROLL PLEASE… is  Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. It was published in August of 2011 and became one of NPR’s Top 5 Young Adult Novels. The story is set in modern times, in North America, and is about a young man who followed in his dead father’s footsteps as a ghost hunter. The main ghost he is hunting in this book turns out to be very special and not what he expects. It is supposed to have a lot of twists and turns. I am particularly excited about this book because it is not like any other story line I have read or even heard about so my hopes are high on this one!

If you have any suggestions shoot me a message over on our Facebook group to let me know. Also be on the look out for the discussion board.

Happy Reading!




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