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April 18, 2017 1 Comments

Ah, I am so pleased to finally launch this little section of my blog! After years of meeting some seriously wonderful and creative people on Instagram and through blogging, I finally have a little slice of my blog just for them to come and share their creativity with you!

I would like to welcome Kamryn, our very FIRST guest poster and a wonderful blogger that I found through my favorite social media outlet, Instagram! She is here to share with you about her simple(ly amazing) bullet journal and how she uses it in her unique life 🙂 I’m happy to hand the mic over!


Hey there! My name is Kamryn, from KamPlans.com .I’m sixteen years old and I am a blogger and Instagrammer who is way too obsessed with bullet journaling!

I found Passion Themed Life through a bullet journaling challenge on Instagram, #bujowithus (well actually, she found me). My friend Taylor from Little Black Bujo and I started the bujo with us challenge not really sure if anyone would even participate. (We were blown away by all the lovelies who are currently joining our little challenge!) But any-who, a day later Kacheri sent me a message asking if I wanted to do a guest post on her blog, so here I am!

I’ve never been a guest on someone’s blog before, and I’m still shocked and so happy that Kacheri reached out to me and invited me to tell you guys about my bullet journaling journey!  I’ve been homeschooled my whole life. Kacheri, being a homeschooling mama, thought it’d be fun if I shared a walk through of my bullet journal and how I plan my week, month, etc. being a homeschooler. So here it goes!

How It All Started

First of all, bullet journaling has no rules, it’s completely, solely whatever you need it to be! That’s why so many people have fallen in love with their bujos! I started my bullet journal to be a habit tracker so I could remember to read my bible, drink more water, and things of that sort. I soon abandoned that bujo and started a new one a few months later. I then abandoned that one too and finally, on February 13th 2017, I wrote down my goals for 2017 in my favorite, new little bullet journal that started it all! Since then, I’ve filled up about half of that bujo, shared about each page and layout I create, and met so many amazing people through Instagram!

I mainly use my bujo for planning my school weeks and months. I change and experiment with the layout I use each week, but that’s my favorite part! With a normal planner, it’s the same setup week after week. With a bullet journal, it’s whatever you feel like it being each week!

I am by no means a minimalist, but I like the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle. I also love journals and notebooks and planners (which I use to use very seldom)! I think my favorite thing about my bullet journal is the fact that I can journal in it like a diary one day, and not journal again for a month, and it doesn’t matter because each day’s bujo page is something unique to how I’m feeling that day. I don’t worry about wasting perfectly good notebooks by journaling in it once and never picking it up again. I don’t have to worry about that one week when I was sick and didn’t write anything down in my planner!

How I plan

Being a busy high school student, organization is key. I go to a homeschool group called Classical Conversations where we meet once a week for basically a day of school and then we do the “homework” the rest of that week. Anyways, I like to write down everything I have to do for the week and then plan out what I will do each day of that week. I list my tasks out on bullet points like this:

  • I have this to do

  • and this too

  • and also this

Then when I finish that task, I put an X through the dot.

       X Completed task

Or, if I didn’t finish the task, I put a migration symbol on it like > that, showing that I’ll do it the next day.

       > Migrated to the next day/week/month

If the task was cancelled, I put a line through it.

        Canceled task

This system works pretty well for me! I also bring my bullet journal to my homeschool group with me and jot down any notes and things I need to remember.

I pretty much take my bullet journal with me everywhere. Anything I need to write down, I write down in my bujo. I bring it to church to take notes, I write my to-do lists in it, I doodle in it, I journal in it. Guys, I use my bujo way too much!

This is starting to sound like some commercial for bullet journaling, but I promise its not! In fact, the best part about it is the fact that you don’t need nothin’ but a pen and a plain old notebook. That’s what I
started out with! I printed off some stickers I found on Pinterest, cut them out and glued them to the cover of an old notebook (which, by the way, this notebook was just some random journal that I got from a friend for my birthday a few years ago). I had barely touched this journal because the pages were sewn in and that meant I couldn’t rip out the pages I messed up (which use to be a very common occurrence for me). I still rip out pages every once and a while that I just completely messed up but hey, I’m still learning and growing!

If you are in the same boat that I was in a couple months ago, where you have way too many planners and journals that you never use, and you just want something that works perfectly for your lifestyle, bullet journaling is
probably the answer you’ve been waiting for. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have told me they want to bullet journal but aren’t sure how and/or don’t think they’re creative enough to do it. Yes, I’ll admit, I am a crafty person, but have you seen my pages? Most of the time they’re nothing but some lines and a few words written with a plain black pen! You can do that! I know you can.

When I go on Pinterest and try to copy what other people have created, it never works for me. I love getting inspiration from other people’s work, but when I try and be exactly like them, it’s just not me anymore, I started
this so that I could plan my life in a creative way that works for me. That’s what I have to remember, and you should too, you are enough! You are creative enough! It may not come easily to you to just create these gorgeous bullet journal pages you see all over the interweb, but does that mean you shouldn’t try? No way! Get out there and you create something that is completely, beautifully you! 🙂

– Kamryn

 kamplans.com | @Kamplans

Thank you Kamryn! Make sure you spread the love and head on over to her Instagram and click that fun little follow button! She has a great minimalist-ish feed and it is so fun to keep up with her posts 🙂 Also, think about joining in May’s installation of the #bujowithus challenge!

Have a wonderful day!



April 30, 2017


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