My “Simple” Bullet Journal Experiment

May 16, 2017 2 Comments


So, Remember the beginning of the year when I chose to move back into a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal? Because I wanted to try out a more “minimalist” style for a while? You can see how I set everything up originally right here. Well, anyways, my goal was to keep things simple because I was heading into my second semester in college and the previous one was so hectic that I basically stopped using by planner at times because I was too busy to do anything with it.

Previously, I had put everything into one journal and a single journal was just filling up too fast, plus I never really wanted to do a bullet journal flip through because there was a lot of really personal stuff in them. Sticking to my version of a minimalist planner was also a way to see how long I could be in one journal. Less stickers, no journaling, a few simple layouts, I was hoping to get at least six months out of a single journal. I have been using it for about five months now and may be able to fit one more month it, so, I call success!

I wanted to take a moment, or a whole blog, and discuss the ups and downs I have had during this little experiment of mine.


  • Saving money, sort of. I have definitely not been buying as much stuff as I did before, such as stickers and journals and other things. At least up until recently, but I will get to that later.
  • I used it more throughout the semester because all I used (until my Tombow brush pens came) was a single pen and a Midliner Highlighter to plan.
  • My handwriting improved, I know that it is weird but trying to be more minimalist in everything I got a pen that added to the look, an .38 Pilot G-2, and I wrote in really little all capital letters, making my handwriting feel really clean and nice.
  • I learned which spreads that I really like and use vs. which ones that I don’t.
  • Saved space/ More use out of one journal
  • Easier to view and focus on what is going on each day because there are not as many distractions on the page.

Meh Parts

  • Doing the same thing over and over again got repetitive and boring
  • I miss the stickers and supporting planner shops <3
  • I still don’t like keeping everything in a single journal and having to move it over into a new journal.
  • The Leuchtturm117 journal is a normal sized journal, but i feel like it is a bit large to carry around everywhere with me, so it gets left home and a mini gets taken instead.
  • I only used a few of the collections that I set up in the beginning.
  • Staying in the same journal for so long kinda bores me, to be honest.

Because I got pretty bored with the same thing over and over again, even though it was clean and pretty in its own way, this last month I have been using more add-ins, like stickers, and making my headers bigger than before with the Tombows that I got. The minimalist parts have started to be less and less since school has been coming to and I just really missed all the decorating.

What comes next?

I will be moving into an A6 Rhodia journal, to make my bullet journal more “pack-able”, and I will tuck that cute little guy in the back of a very pretty Keelindori and put my collections back into a traveler’s notebook insert.  Ahhhhh…. I love changing my mind about things a million times, its the bestest.

The benefits of a simple, more minimalist journal will stay and all the icky parts will be modified and made better. I am pretty stoked to get into a little journal and try that out for a while.

How do you feel about minimalist vs. more decorative planners and bullet journals?

I really hope that you have a wonderful and productive day and I will definitely keep you updated!


April 30, 2017

I am Kacheri, Wife and homeschooling mom of three. An Artist, a bullet journal lover, in love with adventure and nature. The ocean, camping and the moon are my zen.

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