Bullet Journal 101 | A Comparision of A5 And A6 Notebooks

June 13, 2017 3 Comments

In honor of almost 2 years of bullet journaling, I have decided to create a series of posts dedicated to the ins and outs of bullet journals. Every Tuesday from now until September 19th (aka bujo-versary #2) I will share a Bujo 101 tip, trick, note, comparison, and so many things that get into what I have learned, witnessed and heard and experimented with over these last 2 years.

A Notebook To Start


I have noticed that a lot of bullet journalists are moving into a smaller notebook, A6 being the most popular of the smaller sizes. But for new bullet journal enthusiasts all the notebook sizes and what seems like number jibber jabber can seem really confusing! I know because, between you and me, I have googled size comparisons a million times.

As of today the two most popular sizes( that I have noticed) for bullet journaling is A5 and A6. This does not include Travelers notebook users, I will get to that in another post 🙂  I have recently moved into an A6 and I absolutely love it! Especially in my newest Keelindori <3 I currently have a Rhodia Dot grid tucked into the back of my traveler’s notebook along with three dot grid LimeLife Inserts (use this link to get $10 off your order :)) that I got to hold my collections, work and blog information.

Anywho, I am much preferring the A6 size and I thought that I would get on here and give you my comparison of the two and why both are loved so much.


The most popular bullet journal size, with Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine being the most popular brands. If you would like to see other notebooks available just check out this post.

This is the size that I see most people start out in, it is all over Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, and for good reason.

Here are the benefits of an A5 notebook:

  • Larger pages allow for larger spreads
  • If you play your cards right and minimize your layouts your notebook can last quite a long time
  • Because of the wider and longer pages there is more space for writing and artistic add ins
  • It is a good size to carry around, not super bulky (a TN can be but just the notebook isn’t over board) if you take a sheet of printer paper (which is A4) and fold it in half, this is a close representation of what the notebook size is.
  • The Leuchtturm has 249 pages, I do not believe an A6 notebook currently exists with this many pages. If I am wrong please comment details below 🙂
  • The back pocket fits a good amount of sticker sheets. Not just the amount you can fit in there but also most common sticker sheet sizes.

What I do not like:

  • Personally, for running around the size is a bit too much
  • The notebooks are more expensive to buy, in any case


Becoming more and more popular lately is the smaller bro to the A5 journals. In fact if you take the folded printer paper mentioned above and fold it in half again that would be A6 (again and it would be A7, but that comes later 😉 )

Benefits of the A6 size:

  • Smaller is more portable
  • Less blank space to be overwhelmed by
  • You can still do all of the same spreads, just smaller! The mini calendex I made( check out my set up video) is quite adorable and is gaining a bit of attention, check out @marthaplans and @alicegreenleaf on Instagram!
  • You can find notebooks that are A6, Hardcover, Grid-Lined, 192 pages of 100gsm paper, and really super good priced. The one pictured is one such notebook, it is a Peter Pauper Essencials  and I actually like it better than I like my current A6, which is a Rhodia soft cover. But I prefer the hard cover and there are more pages in t than the Rhodia.
  • Even when stuffed with other notebooks in a TN it is still easy to carry around

What I don’t like: (I may be a bit biased, but there isn’t much)

  • Its hard to put sticker sheets in the back pocket
  • Books fill up a bit quicker, because pages fill up quicker ( I actually don’t mind this because the benefits out way it and I am actually not moving collections every time)

I know that you are reading this probably trying to make a decision on what size to get, or maybe you are in an A5 want to try out a smaller size. Honestly, My best advice to you if you are still not sure is to get both if you can, and compare them physically. If you prefer the A5, then make a little bujo sidekick for errands. If you prefer the A6 then use the larger size for a journal, in a giveaway, as a gift or re-sale it to get your money back. You can also compare the sizes a bit cheaper if you get TN inserts instead of full blown notebooks.

I hope that this helps you make a more calculated decision 🙂

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I am Kacheri, Wife and homeschooling mom of three. An Artist, a bullet journal lover, in love with adventure and nature. The ocean, camping and the moon are my zen.


  1. Alice

    June 14, 2017

    Just discovered your blog, thanks for mentioning me! I still have an A5 for my personal journal (I use The Hobbit Moleskine Limited Edition) and one for long term collections (the Harry Potter Moleskine!) like books to read, medical log, car log, study calendars for my finals and long notes from webinars. But I recently switched to an A6 (pocket Moleskine) for my tasks and to do lists, because I kept leaving my bujo at home and write in random notepads when running errands. I admire people who can fit A5 notebooks in their purse, I can’t, especially when I go at university!

  2. Dawn Sunpath

    June 14, 2017

    I currently use a standard size TN (and am loving it) but have been considering an A6. Thanks for this very helpful information! Can I ask where you got the Wonderland Apothecary cover? It’s awesome!

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