Kacheri Bodily

Well, hello!

Welcome to my little slice of internet awesomeness! My name is Kacheri [that’s ka-cheer-ee 😉 ] and I am the creator of Passion Themed Life. I am here to blog for all you moms, artists and bullet journaling peeps! I am currently an Art student at the College Of Southern Idaho, and loving it!

My journey has blessed me with a wonderful husband, Scott, and three wonderful hellions of my own creation, Aerianna, Liam and Abigayle. With a love for art, crafting, writing and my family I decided to leave 8+ years of body piercing in the past, create a new future and be a work at home mom 🙂

My life is full of passion, passion for putting pen to paper, for making something from nothing, for learning and teaching and for adventure… This is were the name “Passion Themed Life” came from, I wanted to share these things with you!

I have opened an Etsy shop, ARTofficial Happiness, for Traveler’s notebooks, ART and planner goodies. My shop is full of my own designs and is different from any other shop on etsy!


The posting schedule for PTL is Mondays and Wednesdays, this will be getting back to being more regular (I was on a small vacation for the Fall semester of college) YouTube videos will be up on Sundays and SOME Fridays. This schedule may change as the new school semester starts.

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